28-10-2022 – 05-01-2022





2 – 5 November 2022

Welcome to Our Guesthouse, Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam


ZOE is a temporary co-existence between reishi mushrooms and a custom-made robotic system

ZOE is a temporary co-existence between the reishi mushrooms and a custom-made robotic system. Noor Stenfert Kroese and Amir Bastani explore with ZOE the possibilities of internal communication between its robotic system and reishi. 

Within this seeming paradox between nature and technology an ecosystem occurs, that cares for and affects each other through sensing technologiesA tactile space of data visualisations is created around ZOE in which visitors can explore ZOE’s outcome


In collaboration with Amir BastaniProduced by Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam ( ACT : Art, Climate & Transition ) in coproduction with Creative Robotics, KUKA, Fashion and Robotics. and Mushroom Research Center Austria.

ZOE is part of ACT: Art, Climate, Transition, a European cooperation project on ecology, climate change and social transition. In an era of climate breakdown, pandemics, mass extinction and growing inequalities, we join our forces in a project on hope: connecting broad perspectives with specific, localised possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we ACT.