29 February 2020 – Research talk; Connectome – Eye Museum Amsterdam

6 – 11 March 2020 – Theatre play; Kollektief Narzis – Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam


3 june 2020 – Escapism – VondelCS Amsterdam  *


3 – 6 June 2020 – Interactive installation; Connectome – VondelCS Amsterdam *

22 – 24 June 2020 – Interactive installation; Connectome – ITSFestival Amsterdam *

3-4 July 2020 –  Interactive installation; Connectome – ATD, Amsterdam


7 July 2020 – Re-Connect festival online talk about Connectome and video of Connectome.


*Canceled due to the corona/covid-19 crisis. New dates will follow



Connectome is an embodied experience between your conscious and unconscious choices. The installation has an interactive form, using new technology that connects the audience and the installation. Based on neuroscience research on the connectome: the complete map of all neural connections in our brain. It is suspected that what makes you, you, finds its source in these connections. The essence of our “human being” may be stored in ever-changing connections that make our “being” a moving entity. With their physical presence has the audience an option to influence the objects, the soundscape and the visual qualities of the space in order to create their own experience.




VRUKT makes electronic groove-based music with dark beats, moving melodies, synths, floating vocals. On stage they create a new world combining visual art and electronic music. Inspiration go from Little Dragon to Bjork and the underground clubscene.

3 juni 2020



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zonder jou geen ik
zonder jullie geen wij
zonder tussenruimte
geen geheel

(Interpretation of Hegel)

Try-out: 6 march 2020
Première: 7  march 2020
Shows: 9 – 11 march 2020

This performance is only in Dutch






During our residence at campsite the Lievelinge we developed the first version of our immersive audio installation WOMB. WOMB will play during the Amsterdam Museumnacht in MACA.

2 November 2019





Welcome to Mars. You take a walk among the remains of an abandoned human colony. The residents who once settled here have disappeared without a trace. Strolling through the Pompeii of the future, you will hear a soundtrack of stories, music, conversations and live ambient sounds, led by a guide who has been left there. All the performances are in Dutch and English.

14 – 23 june 2019




JACK celebrates diversity, creativity and forward thinking electronic dance music. With an open minded and unconventional mindset, JACK likes to play with expectations, art and music. JACK welcomes you.







With artist Giny Vos, cellist Katharina Gross and composer/percussionist Arnold Marinissen. I’m working on an interdisciplinary production titled Pitch Dark. For Pitch Dark, Gross and Marinissen created new work, spinning the musical plot for a performance in which light effects and objects made by Vos & Stenfert Kroese are the actors. In a pitch dark theatre, the senses are provoked in an interplay of sonic, optical and spatial impulses. Acoustic cello sounds, electronica, percussion, field recordings and musique concrete are blent to give rise to a feeling of intimacy and elusiveness.

The light scenes are inspired by the neurophysiological effects that sometimes appear in your vision: the images, afterimages, and movements you see with your eyes closed. These phenomena form the reference points for Giny Vos and Noor Stenfert Kroese’s installation.

Katharina Gross & Arnold Marinissen – music
Giny Vos & Noor Stenfert Kroese – lightinstallation

List of shows
Première: 11 november 2017
November music – Verkade fabriek Den Bosch

10 june 2018
Oranjewoud Festival
Info & tickets 

21 december 2018
Stedelijk museum Amsterdam
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June 2019
Lichtmuseum Unna (Duitsland)
Info en kaarten volgt binnenkort

Pitch Dark Impressions

More dates will follow

With the support of Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdams Fund for the Arts, The Performing Arts Fund NL and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.