Connectome is an embodied experience taking place in between your conscious and unconscious decisions.
Neuroscientific research into the connectome aims at mapping all neural connections in our brain.
Scientists suspect that what makes you you, finds its source in the
connections between your neurons.
Which means that our essence as human beings is situated in ever-changing connections, leaving our ‘being’ in constant flux.

The installation has an interactive form, using new technology that connects the audience and the installation.
With their physical presence has the audience an option to influence the objects, the soundscape and the visual qualities of the space in order to create their own experience.








Concept and Design: Noor Stenfert Kroese

Composition and sound design: VRUKT

(Judith Rijsenbrij and Signe Danielsen Øgrim) Production: Emma Boots

Technical Production: Willem Weemhoff Software: Fred Rodrigues

Hardware: Merijn Accelerate

Photography: Robert van der Ree

Video: Esmoreit Lutters

Co-production with IDlab

Thanks to: Erik Lint, Bart Visser, IDlab, Stichting MusicaMaxima, Interfaculty Cooperation Fund AHK, Harry Schreurs, Frits van Driel, Lena Newton, Eline Oppewal, Pyke Effern, Jilt van Moorst, Eveline de Ridder, Joris Maas, Javid Ebrahimi, Arthur Stenfert Kroese, Just Stenfert Kroese, Jasmine Vermeerssen, Louisa Brunhoso