Studio Stenfert Kroese is founded by Noor Stenfert Kroese. She works across various media such as video, light, installations, theatre, performance and new media art. Seeking for disruptions in the time and space continuum in order to constitute the amalgamation of digital and physical space in embodied experiences. Also spatial, auditory and occasionally the olfactory and tactile experiences are used in her work to create controlled active perceptions. Looking for the intertwinement between her work, the spectator and the possible performer(s).

She creates space to experience and reflect on developments in science and technology that seem elusive but are essential for where we as humanity are going.By zooming in on an abstract subject and converting it into a physically embodied experience. Because how do we humans relate to each other, the world around us and to ourselves?
What makes us human?

A moment of reflection in a reality that continues to develop faster and faster. Noor believes that through our bodies we are able to connect with ideas, space, emotions and the other.  Looking for a place where the audience can play an active role and participate fully in the experience. Creating installations in which different art forms, science and technology merge, make the ‘elusive’ experienceable. After all, we live in a network without direction, without a clear beginning or end, which is constantly in motion. How do we ensure that this realisation does not lead to fatalism and despair, but encourages us to continue to experience, reflect, think and act. Her work does not provide a direct answer, but seeks the space to ask questions and to experience them in a world in which you consciously take a place in this moving, uncontrollable network.