Noor Stenfert Kroese works as scenographer and new media artist.

Her work originates in the interaction between space, time and human activity which is inspired by scientific and technological developments.

She seeks for disruptions in the time and space continuum of a performance by using video and/or light projection in order to

constitute the amalgamation of digital and physical space. Also spatial, auditory and occasionally the olfactory and tactile

experiences are used in her work to create controlled active


To be aware of the relationship of the visitor and possible

performer(s) to an event, space or object, in which new and

existing spaces and structures can transform is very important for her process.The intertwinement between the visitor and her work creates possibilities to show the underlying structures of our world.Therefore her work gives the opportunity to take a person into a multiple and sometimes contradictory thought / experience world that goes beyond the space of the textual world. Literal meaning can be replaced by embodied experiences via her installations.






Work in Progress

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