Studio Stenfert Kroese is founded by Noor Stenfert Kroese (1993*, NL). She works in various collaborations on embodied interactive installations at the intersection of space, time and non/human activity. Inspired by the interconnectedness of science, nature and technology.She is currently finishing the MA Interface Cultures at Kunstuniversität Linz (AT). In 2020 she  graduated at the BA Scenography at the Amsterdam University of Arts (NL).

Noor works across various media such as bio-art, theatre, and new media art. Creating the intertwinement between her work and the spectators in which new and existing ideas can be reflected on and explored. Her work does not provide a direct answer but seeks the space to ask questions and to experience. From a posthuman perspective, she explores the possibilities of taking a conscious place in the moving, uncontrollable network we are part of.

Studio Stenfert Kroese’s work was exhibited and performed at venues and festivals such as the Barcelona Design week (ES), EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam (NL) Dutch National Opera & Ballet (NL), and the Ars Electronica Festival (AT). Her works received awards from YouFab Global Awards (JP) and Prins Bernhard Young talent Award (NL).

The rapid intensification and development of both scientific and technological progress are shaping our world at an unprecedented speed. In a world with a somewhat disturbing political, social and ecological situation. Now that technology and the consequences of our impact on this earth penetrate deeper into our lives, it is difficult to see humans as purely autonomous beings.

I believe it is necessary to be able to sense and question what this means. To reflect on the direction we wish to take together. That is why I create the space in my work to experience what can arise from the encounters and interactions between science, nature and technology.

“The human being” can not longer be seen as the center but as part of a comprehensive and complex system. This system consists of humans, animals, plants, fungi, but also matter and data. The intertwinement between my work and the participants is therefore essential to me. These encounters create the possibility to reflect on new and existing ideas. It is not about an answer but experiencing the questions.

An ecology of practices, scientific and factual knowledge in conjunction with visual and physical artistic manifestations can create powerful narratives. In addition to my interest in scientific research, my work is characterised by the exploration and the possibilities of (new) technologies and collaborations with the nonhuman.

I am intrigued by the recognition of, the understanding of and the interaction with other species. The symbiosis between different species is crucial to the persistence of the world that we know.
Like human society, these societies are characterised by diversity, with their ability to help and hinder, to cooperate and to rival. The complexity of their societies, with their subtle mix of cooperation and conflict, can be seen as a metaphor for how we relate to each other and to our own social systems. Through phenomenological interactive installations at the intersection of space, time and non/human, I invite you to encounter.