VRUKT is a hybrid form of electronic based music and new media art. Through light and sound installations combined with live performances immersive glitchy yet dreamlike environments are created. Vrukt aims to challenge the viewer on Rijsenbrij and Øgrim’s paradoxical approach on noisy electronics and melodic storytelling alongside Stenfert Kroese’s research based kinetic and embodied spatial installations.

VRUKT started in 2016 as a  collaboration between musicians and producers Judith Rijsenbrij and Signe Øgrim and new media artist Noor Stenfert Kroese. Since then, the trio has been experimenting radically with space, light and sound. VRUKT has played stages like Melkweg, Paradiso as well as on smaller art events.

VRUKT is currently composing the music for the installation Connectome premiering fall 2020, as well as on a live show that will be presented together with the installation. Their first EP, «Open Chapel», is expected to be released September 2020.

Signe Danielsen Øgrim & Judith Rijsenbrij– Vocals/Electronics
Noor Stenfert Kroese – Visual artist/Art direction

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