2022 – 2024




NOVEMBER 2022 – JULY 2023
Research and development of mycelium 3D printing with Fraunhofer IWU Biomechatronics (DE)


17 JULY 2023 – 14 OCTOBER 2023 
Summerschool with 10 emerging artists (DE/AT)
Open call
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13 JULY 2023
Work in Progress exhibition (DE)
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April 2024
Exhibition selected works, WRO Center (PL)


September 2024
Exhibition selected works, Ars Electronica Festival (AT)

In 2022, I developed a filament recipe for Fraunhofer IWU Biomechatronics to print with mycelium in 3D. This technique was used to host a 3-month European summer school with 10 emerging artists focusing on co-creating with fungi. 

During the workshop, participants explored the concept of using mycelium as a material for 3D printing and sculpting, and the implications of working with a living material. As this new technology develops, questions arise about our relationship with mycelium as a material. While mycelium is a sustainable replacement, it’s important to ask ethical questions that may not always benefit the industry in the first place. 

We question what would be a new way of biofabrication from a collaborative perspective? Mycelium is an expert in bridging interspaces, so we researched shapes and forms that allow for co-creation between us and the fungi. By approaching this technology from a collaborative perspective, we can create a more symbiotic relationship with the fungi and work towards a more sustainable future for all.



The Funken Academy is being realized in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (Chemnitz, Germany) , Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming
Technology IWU (Dresden, Germany). As well as Ars Electronica Linz (Austria), WRO Art Center, (Wroclaw, Poland) and Klub Solitaer (Chemnitz, Germany) as the cultural project partners. 


For the summer school the consortium partners collaborate with each other, triggering European knowledge transfer and cross-sector innovation by collaborating with high-tech institutes, to integrate new technologies with artistic trends in the context of an applied artistic course program. The course results will be internationally exhibited and thus be made accessible, tangible and feasible for a broad public.

All projects are created in the framework of the Funken Academy Summerschool with the support of Frauenhofer IWU Biomechatronics, Ars Electronica Center, WRO Center, Klub Solitaer

Course and Substrate development: Noor Stenfert Kroese

Participants: Ahia Kamanan, Amy Merigo, Eugénie Desmedt, Jonathan Joosten, Hendrik Klatte (Gregor Dys), Theresa Hajek, Wies Mobach, kacper krajewski, Sonia Kujawa, Márton Zalka

Photography: Johannes Richter, Peter Mader, Ernesto Uhlmann